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About ADO


官网  http://www.ado-goldkante.de/

Light, harmony and pure joy – our textiles represent a fresh and natural look with vibrant designs. A variety of colour schemes make our fabrics easy to combine and fit any style. Whether it’s delicate transparency, modern naturalness, casual elegance or an urban lifestyle – ADO’s collections offer great flexibility for your individual lifestyle.

Regarding our fabrics, we pay particular attention to:
5-year guarantee,
shape retention,
colour and light fastness,
easy care,
uncomplicated treatment
and varied compatibility of our fabrics.

A professional merger on the domestic German textile market: ADO, the most famous brand in the industry for the past fifty years 'with the golden thread', and Zimmer + Rohde, a successful international textiles company that has been managed by a single family for more than a century, join together under the umbrella name of Z + R und Heimtex GmbH & Co. KG.

The company was renamed ADO Goldkante GmbH & Co. KG. on 1 January. ADO exhibits 71 patterns from its Spring/Summer Collection 2009 at the Heimtextil international trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany. It is the most extensive collection in the company's history. DTF Deutsche Textilfabrik GmbH & Co. KG was also founded on 1 January. DTF, part of the ADO Group, aims to focus on tapping into additional market segments primarily in the area of technical textiles and industrial applications.

ADO breaks new ground with a Colani collection and in the area of technical textiles.

ADO is named company of the year 2007 by the jury of the 'Ja zu Deutschland' initiative.

ADO collaborates with David Hamilton. ADO becomes actively involved in nurturing young artists.ADO creates the most valuable curtain in the world with more than 4,200 crystals coated in gold by way of vapour deposition, a three carat diamond and 24 rubies. Price: €55,000/per linear metre

ADO's electrosmog-fighting ADO eProtect® fabric goes on the market.

The revolutionary ADO Cordon® string curtain gains popularity throughout the world. ADO's intelligent ADO ActiBreeze® and ADO BioProtect® fabrics go on the market. The company employs around 1,300 people in 17 countries.

The new decorative fabric and laser cutter is put into service. Fabric cuttings up to 65 m per minute are now possible.

ADO introduces the embossing calender, which is used to emboss fabric.

A second generation takes over the reins of the company, with Andreas and Klaus Wulf now running the firm. ADO is the first curtain producer to receive the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 quality certification.

The number of ADO branches climbs to 16. The opening of the staple yarn spinning mill is another dream come true for the company's founder.

ADO launches ADO lace. The company produces new collections with bobbin and macramé laces.

ADO develops and markets the first flame-retardant fabrics.

After only 25 years in business, ADO is Europe's largest producer of curtains.

A new line of wall coverings is introduced.

Television advertisements raise the level of brand recognition of ADO to 90 percent in Germany. The production facility now covers an area over 50,000 m².

ADO Goldkante is born. From now on, all 180 different ADO patterns will carry the trademark, a golden thread. It is the birth of a trademark that would shape a generation.

ADO Zwirnmatt is introduced. It revolutionises curtain production with properties and features which were considered unique and dynamic at that time.

The introduction of ADO embroidery marked a new type of curtain on the market, one that is more delicate and easy to clean than any curtain that came before. New looms make it possible to produce curtain widths of 240 and 300 cm for the first time.The production facility is extended by a total of 2,800 m² between 1957 and 1959.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony for the first industrial company in Aschendorf takes place on 12 June 1954. The production facility covers an area of 800 m² and employs 30 people. Marianne and Hubert Wulf, son of Felix Wulf, founded ADO Gardinenwerke. The name ADO stems from the company's headquarters in Aschendorf. Hubert Wulf is an entrepreneur with a flair for brands. The company designed a logo and published a product catalogue in that first year.

Master textile Felix Wulf begins producing household textiles in Rheine, Germany, in 1924. Production on 21 new looms is in full swing just six years later. Felix Wulf produces terry towels and linens from the end of the war until 1954.

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